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Inspired by wheat fields and Lavenders, this line of stencils was designed towards the nature lover cake designer. 

Wheat as a symbol of abundance, fertility, and growth; Lavender representing serenity, purity, and calmness.

Fusing these two elements and their meaning was imperious to me, it was crucial that they could assimilate with the trendy organic looking style of cakes that’s getting more and more popular among our customers nowadays. 


Our Stencils are laser cut from durable plastic sheets. With minimal care, stencils can be used repeatedly for many different projects.

From timeless patterns to the latest trending designs, our stencil collections is sure to have something for you.



Length: 16 in – 40 cms

Height: 7.87 in – 20 cms



Use mild soap, warm water and a delicate sponge to wash them before use and to remove any icing or color leftovers after use. 

After thoroughly clean and dry, place them bag on their packaging for storage. 

  • Food safe material
  • Do not use in dishwasher, microwave, or oven. 
  • No iron

Mila Cake Stencil - Angela Morrison

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