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A sprinkles mix that invites you to dream. Colours that remind us of wedding bells ringing - these sprinkles are the perfect ensemble.


The harmonious combination of pink and white sugar pearls alongside the hearts and stars. The pink Choco Crunches round off the mix completely. No matter whether you're baking a cake, cupcakes or cookies - with these sprinkles you're saying all the right things.

90g - German Brand



Sugar, starch (wheat), starch (corn), starch (potato), flour (malted wheat), flour (wheat), wheat gluten, flour (rice), dextrose, glucose syrup, E120, E160a, E171, E172, E174, food coloring (beet root extract), vegetable oil (coconut), vegetable oil (rapeseed), sunflower oil, glazing agent (E901), glazing agent (E904), completely hardened rapeseed oil, partially hardened rapeseed oil, stabilizer (E414), stabilizer (E413), aroma, gelatin (fish), acidifier (E330), salt, emulsifier lecithin (soy), natural vanilla flavouring, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, cocoa solids


Love Birds

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