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From timeless styles to the latest trending designs, our cake embossers will create a very detailed raised pattern giving a great deal of beauty and a high quality textural contrast to any piece. 


For use on fondant or gum paste.

Fabricated with food grade material.

Light weight  for easier use and storage. 

A non-stick material that prevents fondant/gum paste from sticking to the mat.

Clear imprints each time.


Our cake embossers are perfect for adding textures while exploring creativity, there are several ways they can be used, and each time they will ensure your cake truly “makes an impression”.

The stamps are very practical, light weight, and flexible. We are happy to providing high quality embossers to make a great impression! 



As long as our stencils saving you time and effort. Simple and fast!

Length: 16 in – 40 cms

Height: 7.87 in – 20 cms



Use mild soap, warm water and a delicate sponge to wash them before use and to remove any icing or color leftovers after use. 

After thoroughly clean and dry, place the mat flat in their packaging for storage. 


  • Food grade material
  • Do not use in dishwasher, microwave, or oven. 
  • No iron

Eloi Cake Embosser - Angela Morrison

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