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Meet our new vegan collection🤩 Ever dreamt of waking up as a princess in a huge castle in a farway land? This vegan sprinkles mix will transport you straight there. Pink and silver strands mixed with white and silver pears and white stars - it's every princesse's dream mix and will make your guests feel like royalty too. 👑

Free from any animal products, beeswax and dairy. 100% vegan.



Sugar, starch (wheat), starch (corn), starch (potato), starch (rice), flour (wheat), flour (rice), glucose syrup, E174, vegetable oil (coconut), vegetable oil (rapeseed), sunflower oil, glazing agent (E903), stabilizer (E414), release agent talcum, water, sugar powder, sunflower oil high oleic, food coloring: concentrate of apple, food coloring: concentrate of radish, food coloring: concentrate of black currant, agar-agar (E 406), emulgator lecithine

Shy Princess - Vegan

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